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Prescription Policy

The Medical Benefits Scheme Pharmacy accepts prescriptions written by a duly registered medical practitioner (doctor) within the state of Antigua & Barbuda. All prescriptions require the following:

  1. The name, age and address of the person for whom the prescription is issued;
  2. The date the prescription was written;
  3. The name of the drug(s), strength, pharmaceutical dosage form (i.e. tablets, capsules, injections, liquids etc.) and adequate directions for use by the patient;
  4. The quantity of the drug to be supplied;
  5. The name, address and legible signature of the prescriber, who must be registered as a medical practitioner in the state of Antigua & Barbuda.

To process a prescription at the Medical Benefits Scheme Pharmacy, the patient to whom the prescription belongs must present the following :

  • Medical Benefits Scheme Card of the patient;
  • A valid photo identification card (ID); or in the event of an authorized person collecting the medication, the ID of the authorized person;
  • MBS authorization card.

Medical Benefits Pharmacies dispenses drugs and medical supplies in accordance with a prescription.

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