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Frequently Asked Questions

By visiting the office of the Medical Benefits Scheme with the following:

  • Social Security Card
  • Passport or
  • Birth Certificate (National only) or
  • Driver's License (Nationals only)

Click here to learn how to make a claim.

Yes, only for the eleven (11) diseases covered by MBS. Click here for a list of the covered diseases.

E.C $4,500.00 inclusive of airline ticket.

Yes, but reimbursements will be paid based on the Hospital Fees.

No. Each beneficiary is entitled to hold his/her card.

The processing of a prescription is dependent on the number of drugs; interpretation of what is written; the pharmacist ascertaining if there are any drug interactions; and recording the information and preparation of the drugs with the appropriate dosage instructions for the patient.

This is dependent on whether food or other substances interfere with the breakdown and /or absorption of the drug. However, your pharmacist will inform you of the best time to take your medication.

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